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Introducing our captivating creation: the ✨Eyeball✨ earrings! Prepare to be enchanted by these extraordinary accessories that will take your style to new heights. Our unique design sets these earrings apart with their flawless, full-ball shape, ⚪ surpassing ordinary half-ball earrings found in the market. Get ready to make a bold statement with the most incredible eye-inspired earrings you've ever seen! 👁️✨

The Eyeball earrings offer not only unparalleled style but also versatility. With their convenient clip-on design, these earrings are perfect for those without pierced ears, ensuring everyone can enjoy their exquisite beauty.  ðŸ’ƒðŸ‘‚

Each Eyeball earring is meticulously adorned with sparkling cubic zirconium crystals, illuminating your look with radiant glamour. The shimmering crystals enhance the eye motif, adding a touch of enchantment and brilliance to your ensemble. Prepare to turn heads and steal the spotlight wherever you go! 💎✨


Metals: Sterling Silver, 18k gold vermeil and Rhodium plated.
Color: Gold & Blue & White & Black
Gems: Cubic Zirconia
Dimensions: 25 mm
Stone Type: Cubic Zirconia
Hand-crafted in Istanbul


Eyeball Earrings by Naimah

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