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Mitiliane Couture Silver Crush AvantGarde Dress


The newest long Silver Crush AvantGarde dress is our “Supreme Couture Dress” of the collection, as its name already attests that. Created meticulously and with many hours of work behind it, the dress is completely handmade. Made of silky, glossy, silver-colored organza, the new dress is particularly elegant and refined. All values ​​and creases are carefully created, thread by thread by our specialists and this makes it a unique couture dress worthy of the red carpet. With an adjustable corset bust and extremely interesting geometric elements, the dress is provided with a royal collar which is actually one of the essential elements of the dress’s appeal. The bottom, slightly asymmetric, is completely created from frills and creases, each sewn separately to create the much-desired spectacular effect. The dress is short  in the front and with a special train in the back, with an ultra-elegant shape that will perfectly highlight your legs. Wear it with silver sandals or stilettos. We recommend a wet-look or a ponytail because all the attention will clearly go to the dress and you will not need any other elements, because it is more than enough.

Silver Crush Avant-Garde Dress by Mitiliane Couture

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