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Media PR 

Print Placement in Beverly Hills based BASIC magazine: a quarterly luxury fashion publication that features carefully curated content with a strong independent voice. Named a Rising Media Star by FOLIO AWARDS, BASIC magazine is a fresh voice of fashion. Known for cutting edge editorials and viral celebrity shoots, BASIC Magazine offers Limited Editions of its exquisite collectible print copies that grace the Newsstands in fashion capitals worldwide. BASIC PR is the only showroom on the West-Coast that has a direct PR & Print magazine relationship, with its own photo studio & production space.

Industry Integration

Access to Celebrity Stylists: with direct contact with dozens of stylists, BASIC PR places designer items in front of Hollywood taste makers and show runners. Stylists serve an integral part in celebrity placements and purchase initiation.

Connections with Fashion Photographers: with access and long-terms relationships with fashion photographers, designer items will be available for additional content creation by our professional team of visual-makers. Due to BASIC magazine quarterly publications, we have a roster of photographers that are always seeking to be included in events and projects incurred from our platform.

Social Media Marketing: Digital publications, magazine, blogs, IG’s, our online platforms are some of the outlets used to help broadcast the awareness of the consumers. Including Digital Placement in various digital publications, social media channels, Newsletters and Press-Releases.

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Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 9.12.54 PM.png

Content Creation

In-House Production Studio: creates convenient synergy between designers and content production. Having our own photo production studio allows to create a la-carte any additional content from look books, line sheets, product shots, creative still live shots, editorials and more.


BASIC PR Online Store: allows designers to sell their items directly to the consumers via our promoted platforms.  

Private Celebrity Showings: We are able to arrange private showings with celebrities & VIP clients looking for current and unique designs. This is crucial for any designer looking to direct sales of their items. 

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BASIC PR Luxury Showroom: is located in affluent West Hollywood area, which is at a close proximity to the biggest events, like VMA’s, GRAMMY’s, BILLBOARD Music awards, The OSCARS, etc.


RED CARPET: Our designers have direct access to the Red Carpet events and custom styling of Hollywood elite, influencers, musicians and TV personalities.


FILM/TELEVISION & MUSIC VIDEOS: Accessibility of the mass has many different forms. Designer placement items to increase brand awareness and visibility.

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